Professional Programs

Enhance your career with our core professional programs designed to meet the needs of busy working professionals who wish to elevate their skills and knowledge in the luxury sector. The programs are packed with both academic and experiential components, ensuring the best outcome-driven learning experience.

Upon successful completion, participants will receive a Professional Certificate in Luxury Management awarded by ESSEC, and be ready to advance further in their careers to take on new and bigger challenges.

This Certificate program will benefit both client-facing roles such as Store Managers, Client Advisors, Wealth Management/Real Estate professionals and also those in supporting business functions who deal with high-net-worth clients. It is also highly relevant for those looking to switch careers to join companies who deal with the luxury goods or services.



Specialist Tracks

These specialist program tracks offer unique, in-depth dives into a range of development topics which are relevant to the luxury sector. These 1 to 2 day short courses combine academic insights and specific industry knowledge and concepts, offering learners a focused approach to learning more about specific luxury sectors, such as retail, wines & spirits, cars, watches, and much more.