Module 1
The Essence of Luxury
A session that helps participants understand what makes a luxury product and what it takes to be a luxury brand. We will discuss the key players in the luxury industry and how the sector is changing in this post-pandemic world.
Luxury Consumers of Today
Discover consumer demographics, needs, and motivations, including preferences for High-Net-Worth-Individual (HNWI) and Ultra-High-Net- Worth-Individual (UHNWI). All while exploring current luxury industry trends with market insights.
Industry Knowledge
"The Evolution of Luxury Consumers in Asia"
Dinner and Aviation and Learning about the industry
Your day will end at 9PM
Art De Vivre
General education on the lifestyle of the wealthy, including appreciation of the finer things in life like art history, gourmet foods and wines, top restaurants, exclusive and refined events, prime real estate, and others.
Category Knowledge "Gems & Investment"
Retail Safari Mission
Marina Bay Sands (Guided)
Assessment 1
Your day will end at 6pm
Module 2
Understanding brand DNA & Codes
Learn about branding practices in the luxury industry, such as enhancing luxury brand uniqueness and breaking from the competition with the DNA concept & codes.
A European Luxury Experience “LIVESTREAM” from Milan, Italy
Fine Wine Investment Session
Your day will end at 8PM
The Power of Storytelling
Understand how luxury brands use powerful storytelling to bring their DNA to life. Learn the art of connecting to emotions and paying attention to the details to educate consumers about a brand universe and furthering emotional connection.
The Power of Storytelling in Luxury Retail
Learn about the importance of retail in bringing a brand’s story to life. Participants will also understand the role of clienteling when selling luxury brands or guiding customers to the best possible solution.
Industry Knowledge
"Private Banking Experience"
Category Knowledge
"The Art of Conversation & Business Networking"


Your day will end at 7.30PM
Luxury Retail
Building Luxury Experience
Understand what it takes to provide an authentic luxury experience for your consumers. Participants will get a hold of the different and evolving facets of what constitutes a luxury shopping experience or a general luxury experience.
Developing Brand Desirability (Mini-Project Group Work)
Examine the critical branding strategies that make brands desirable to consumers. Also, learn how brands can connect emotionally with their targeted consumers to keep them wanting more.
Assessment 2
Graduation Ceremony & Celebration
Your day will end at 7PM
Academic Programs
Category Knowledge/Industry Engagement
Lifestyle Experiences Elements