Welcome to the ESSEC Academy of Luxury
Where Executive Education meets the Business of Luxury

Established in 1907, ESSEC is a global business school with French roots, recognized amongst the top 1% of business schools worldwide that are Triple-Crown accredited.

Welcome To ESSEC Academy Of Luxury

We create and disseminate knowledge and skills with a unique approach that blends academic learning, practical experience, openness and dialogue.

Welcome To ESSEC Academy Of Luxury

We prepare learners to be ready to step up to enlighten, lead, and create change. ESSEC reshapes the global talent pool.

Welcome to the ESSEC Academy of Luxury
Where Executive Education meets the Business of Luxury

Integrating cutting-edge academic programs and insightful experiences that are authentic and true to luxury management for the benefit of professionals in the luxury and wealth management sectors.

Deciphering the mindset of luxury’s most affluent
This is where executive education meets the business of luxury. Discover a wealth of applicable insights and unique experiences through our curated luxury management programs.

Learners will be able to immerse themselves in the world of luxury and our ecosystem, travelling through métiers and each step of the value chain.



Invest in your career in luxury management and leadership with ESSEC.



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