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Specialist Luxury Program

Fine Wines & Spirits Track
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A unique, short-term curated program which will benefit professionals seeking career growth, deep knowledge and worthwhile skills in the luxury and wealth management sectors. Embark on an intense academic and experiential learning journey that will immerse you in a day learning journey held across 3 venues in Singapore.

This Professional Certificate program offers world-class academic content and insights based on an engaging curriculum that will benefit career-switchers and professionals across different premium sectors. The learning journey is highly-experiential and blends industry engagement with relevant luxury experiences and learning moments…one that participants will thoroughly enjoy and find beneficial in supporting their roles in the luxury sectors.

This will also support those seeking to take their businesses and teams to a new level, or looking to take on more senior roles. It is also highly relevant for those looking to move into new jobs in the luxury industry.


Learners will be able to immerse themselves in the world of luxury and our ecosystem, travelling through métiers and each step of the value chain.



Where academic knowledge & insights in luxury management integrate with a treasure trove of experiences.


Expert-led sessions on industry-relevant topics and useful knowledge to support skills in relationship building.


Intensive learning and purposeful experiences designed to immerse learners in an impactful & unforgettable journey.

Module 1
The Essence of Luxury
A session that helps participants understand what makes a luxury product and what it takes to be a luxury brand. We will discuss the key players in the luxury industry and how the sector is changing in this post-pandemic world.
Luxury Consumers of Today
Discover consumer demographics, needs, and motivations, including preferences for High-Net-Worth-Individual (HNWI) and Ultra-High-Net- Worth-Individual (UHNWI). All while exploring current luxury industry trends with market insights.
Industry Knowledge
"The Evolution of Luxury Consumers in Asia"
Dinner and Aviation and Learning about the industry
Your day will end at 9PM
Art De Vivre
General education on the lifestyle of the wealthy, including appreciation of the finer things in life like art history, gourmet foods and wines, top restaurants, exclusive and refined events, prime real estate, and others.
Category Knowledge "Gems & Investment"
Retail Safari Mission
Marina Bay Sands (Guided)
Assessment 1
Your day will end at 6pm
Module 2
Understanding brand DNA & Codes
Learn about branding practices in the luxury industry, such as enhancing luxury brand uniqueness and breaking from the competition with the DNA concept & codes.
A European Luxury Experience “LIVESTREAM” from Milan, Italy
Fine Wine Tasting Lesson & Fine Dining
Your day will end at 8PM
The Power of Storytelling
Understand how luxury brands use powerful storytelling to bring their DNA to life. Learn the art of connecting to emotions and paying attention to the details to educate consumers about a brand universe and furthering emotional connection.
The Power of Storytelling in Luxury Retail
Learn about the importance of retail in bringing a brand’s story to life. Participants will also understand the role of clienteling when selling luxury brands or guiding customers to the best possible solution.
Industry Knowledge
"Private Banking Experience"
Category Knowledge
"The Art of Conversation & Business Networking"

Rest, Relax & Recharge

"Life is all about balance"

Your day will end at 7.30PM
Luxury Retail
Building Luxury Experience
Understand what it takes to provide an authentic luxury experience for your consumers. Participants will get a hold of the different and evolving facets of what constitutes a luxury shopping experience or a general luxury experience.
Developing Brand Desirability (Mini-Project Group Work)
Examine the critical branding strategies that make brands desirable to consumers. Also, learn how brands can connect emotionally with their targeted consumers to keep them wanting more.
Assessment 2
Graduation Ceremony & Celebration
Your day will end at 7PM
Academic Programs
Category Knowledge/Industry Engagement
Lifestyle Experiences Elements

Benefit from our faculty and experts.


Program Director (Academic)

Professor of Marketing, Associate Dean of Faculty, Former Chair Professor (LVMH Chair)


Prof. Sonja Prokopec is a Professor of Marketing and the Associate Dean of Faculty at ESSEC Business School in Singapore. Her research explores consumer judgment and decision-making. She is also interested in understanding the factors that affect brand perceptions of luxury brands. Prof. Prokopec’s research has been published in the Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Consumer Psychology, and International Journal of Research in Marketing among others, as well as a variety of media including the Harvard Business Review, Huffington Post, the Business of Fashion and Business Times Singapore.

She was the ESSEC LVMH Chair Professor of Luxury Brand Management for 12 years, from 2010 – 2022. She was named one of the Top 40 under 40 Business School Professors worldwide in 2015 (Poets&Quants ranking). Outside of teaching and research, she actively advises companies from the luxury and automotive industries, as well as start-ups regarding consumer behavior trends, consumer research and marketing, and brand management issues. She is also an advisory council member of Singapore Fashion Council and VOGUE Council.


Program Director (Experience)
Faculty & Expert

Dennis co-founded Genesis-Global Gems & Jewellery Group, a purveyor of exquisite gems and jewelry in the ultra-luxury market, with business interest in various markets across Asia. Having started the business over 11 years and coupled with over 20 years of experience and expertise, Dennis specializes in the sourcing of rare diamonds and precious gems directly from mines across the world, for purposes ranging from investments to adornment.

Prior to that, Dennis had 16 years of corporate working experience with various multi-national organizations across various industries, such as luxury hotels, luxury retail, FMCG, logistics & distribution, and leisure. His forte lies in the areas of learning and development, and services.

In his free time, Dennis is an avid wine and champagne collector. His real passion lies in rare gems collection.

What our clients say about the program?

Communication & Partnership Manager

“I cannot recommend the high-impact luxury management program enough. It has been a game-changer for me. The program’s comprehensive curriculum, industry insights from the faculty and experts, and hands-on experiences have provided me with the knowledge, skills and confidence to excel in my current position, and I am grateful for the opportunities the program has opened up for me.”

Communication & Partnership Manager
Financial Services Director

“It was the best adult learning experience in my life. This Luxury Management program opened my eyes to the luxury industry, allowing me to step into the shoes of the HNW individuals. From private jet to fine dining to gems and understanding their consumer behavior, this program has truly unlocked new doors for me to help me serve my HNW clients better as a Financial Services Director.”

Financial Services Director
Managing Director

“When I first heard about the ESSEC Luxury Management program, I immediately felt it was promising. And it did not disappoint. Professors and speakers are luxury professionals, aware of the intricacies and trends the luxury industry has been experimenting. I have not only strengthened my knowledge of luxury but truly expanded it, getting concrete examples of how the codes of luxury translate to different industries and can help elevate brands or services. I definitely encourage people who are interested to learn more about luxury to attend this course.”

Managing Director
Chief Executive Officer

“The Luxury Management Program exceeded my expectations on every level. The program's comprehensive curriculum has helped me gain a thorough understanding of the nuances in the luxury industry, including tradition, sociological, economic and cultural aspects.

The delicate balance that luxury brands must maintain between exclusivity and accessibility, innovation and tradition while maintaining physical and digital presence fascinated me. In this dynamic market, it is important to understand how to adapt to changing consumer expectations and behavior.

I have found the Luxury Management Program to be an amazing journey. It has given me the knowledge, skills, and connections that will allow me to better appreciate the ever-changing luxury industry.”

Chief Executive Officer
Senior Brand Activation Manager

“This luxury management program has been a life-changing experience for me. The professional certification focuses on luxury brand strategies, retail development, and HNW consumer behavior in Asian markets which allow me to significantly refine my skills and expand my knowledge. Now, I am ready to bring creative solutions to the challenges I face in the luxury industry!”

Senior Brand Activation Manager

“Thank you ESSEC for this fantastic course. I am privileged to partake of this most unique luxury management course, bespoke in form as it is in substance. The lessons are very dynamic, engaging and interactive.

I really had an enjoyable time learning new things and concepts, and also in gaining a deeper understanding of the luxury business.

Thank you very much to all our professors and lecturers for a most valuable and very insightful learning experience! I look forward to applying the skills I have gained as I move forward in my ventures.”


Program Dates

+65 9092 5825


    Module 1 (1 & 2 Apr 2024)

    Module 2 (3, 4, 5 Apr 2024)

    Closing Date Of Registration: 15 Mar 2024

Program Fees


Module 1: SGD 4,060 per participant

Module 2: SGD 6,040 per participant

Full Program: SGD 9,900 per participant

Prevailing taxes will apply.

Installment plans are available. Contact David.lim@essec.edu for more information.


All eligible participants of this Program will receive a Professional Certificate in Luxury Management from ESSEC Executive Education.

Passing criteria: based on 80% attendance/participation level and assessment results.

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