A unique, short-term curated program which will benefit professionals seeking career growth, deep knowledge and worthwhile skills in the luxury and wealth management sectors. Embark on an intense academic and experiential learning journey that will immerse you in a day learning journey held across 3 venues in Singapore.

This Professional Certificate program offers world-class academic content and insights based on an engaging curriculum that will benefit career-switchers and professionals across different premium sectors. The learning journey is highly-experiential and blends industry engagement with relevant luxury experiences and learning moments…one that participants will thoroughly enjoy and find beneficial in supporting their roles in the luxury sectors.

This will also support those seeking to take their businesses and teams to a new level, or looking to take on more senior roles. It is also highly relevant for those looking to move into new jobs in the luxury industry.


Learners will be able to immerse themselves in the world of luxury and our ecosystem, travelling through métiers and each step of the value chain.



Where academic knowledge & insights in luxury management integrate with a treasure trove of experiences.


Expert-led sessions on industry-relevant topics and useful knowledge to support skills in relationship building.


Intensive learning and purposeful experiences designed to immerse learners in an impactful & unforgettable journey.